What WE Do

Vision and purpose

The Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD) Trust is a social organization set up by some youths of Bihar, whose basic objective is to support the journey of all-round and balanced development of Bihar and do a positive intervention where any such incident or situation arises or any power tries to become any obstacle in the way of development.

At present, we are trying to take this work forward through mass media and dialogue. We consider this to be the most successful tool in our campaign. We have also adopted this tool because many members associated with the establishment of our trust are in the field of media and communication.

The seeds of the beginning of this institution have been hidden in the campaign of the youth of Bihar during the time of prevention of Chamki Bukhar (Encephalitis) in 2019. At that time, a team of youths went to Muzaffarpur to conduct awareness campaigns in 70 villages and helped the affected people. Later the same team went there and surveyed it to prepare a report. When there was water logging in Patna, many people of the same team started a campaign. The trust has been started on 8 January 2020 only from the balance of the financial support given by the people at that tim

What We Do

We divide our existing activities into the following parts:


- Direct intervention in case of disaster

Since the organization started in the backdrop of the campaign launched by the youth at the time of the disaster of the Chamki Bukhar (Encephalitis) and Patna waterlogging, it is our first mission to help the affected people at the time of any disaster.  We try to do everything possible with our available resources. That’s the reason why ,we not only helped the workers of Bihar caught in the corona lockdown in 2020 but also campaigned for them.


- Study and report preparation

We believe that any problem can not be solved just by providing immediate help.  The problem will not be solved completely until we reach the roots of the problem.  That’s why we try to study the problems related to Bihar from time to time.  Then release the report of that study in front of media and common people.  We have so far issued two reports on Encephalitis and one such report on the causes of Patna’s waterlogging.


- Dialogue and debate

Along with studies, we also communicate and debate with various sections of society.  Before its formal formation by the members of this institution, a debate series called, “Bihar Dialogue” was run.  We also held a dialogue between experts from Patna regarding Encephalitis (Chamki Bukhar).


- Rural journalism workshop

We believe that media can play a major role in the development of villages.  But is also a sad truth that the real news of the villages does not reach the mainstream of the media.  In such a situation, we try to communicate with all types of journalists at district and block level, motivate them to continuously write on the actual issues of the villages, and organize a workshop on writing quality news among them.